Witcher 3: Geralt prefers Elves

Triss and Yen is nice but my Geralt prefers Elves :)
  • Did I just hear something?

    How the fuck did this not get deleted but a guy saying Nigga on stream caused the adpocalypse?

  • jebes909090

    if you sleep with the same girl a few times, they become more friendly..........i heard it from a friend......

  • Violette Summer

    do you know why they call me the fister?it began after I fisted some men with these very hands!

  • savio barbar

    Roses are red violets are blue pornhub is down this will do

  • Bilbo Baggins

    I think I prefer elves too

  • Era Nirvana

    O_o am i wrong?...or that she elf is fucking hot

  • KONO DIO DA!!!! WRRRYY!!!!

    It's funny how geralt does the same moves with every woman, well he is a one trick pony after all. Get it pony!!! the unicorn sex is the most creative he's ever been probably. No, ok I'll see myself out then.

  • Bing Bong

    No age restricted ? Are u want child to see this ? Bastard

  • Me Of course

    I have over 500 hours into this game. Where is this elf??

  • TheTrueHasenfeffer

    Not sure why the elves were hated so much. Seem great to me.

  • James Samson

    Thought this game was 18+ because of the violence...

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