Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Drinking with the Weevils - PART #2

We're scouring the Inn of White Orchard for info to find Yennefer in The Witcher 3!

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  • CountryMusicMann

    I love how Sips thinks from the inn to the garrison is a long way. I'm not even sure it's a mile!

  • ExoScout

    I only just understood "Yeah, especially hard to forget this one" at 3:20 What a troll Ves is

  • Cassandra ZayZAY

    Those designs you see in the inn are typical of Eastern Europe, especially in Poland and Ukraine. The author of the story this game is based off of is polish so it makes sense that an inn and other places in the game are going to have that kind of design

  • Mr. Z

    The sheer amount of shit Sips has already missed is making dicks rip left right and center.

  • Iron Zilla

    The best food is water and bread. It's cheap and it does the job. Allowing to spend your money on........ other interests

  • Banality Of Life

    You need to do the DLC! I wanna see you deal with Satan

  • Lergen Stonesea

    When sticky keys popped up my dick flew into the Nth dimension

  • fluxy888

    Anyone else feel like there should totally have been the old sips skyrim editing for this. Like when Vesemir got up on the table and stuff. Why did he ever stop doing that 😭

  • vintagevolcano

    You died from the gas

  • Ciaran

    I love killing downers on the side of the road, fucking downers!

  • Rhien Crouch

    he's still calling drowners, downers 44 episodes into this series FOR FUCK SAKE SIPS

  • Rosedeath68

    14:11 those impressive editing skills made a comeback lmao this reminds of his Skyrim playthrough

  • Ted Anderson

    Sips you bastard I love you

  • mosukiton

    that goose shit joke caught me off guard, i laughed out loud

  • Canety

    anybody miss sip's old outro music. the pond 5 chiptune or whatever the fuck it was called? it's actually still my ringtone.

  • TheNeonGuy l Road to 100 subs

    the gps is built into the horse

  • Shmaples

    I'm on episode #40 and he's still calling them "Downers"... I came back here because I couldn't remember if he's always called them this.. Does he honestly not know at this point or is he doing it to troll and/or piss everyone off? T___T ... perhaps we will never know.. or maybe you do... If he's mentioned anything about this in future episodes or on social media (which I do not follow) please enlighten me! Thhhhhhhhhhhhanks.

  • Rosemarie Landers

    this whole ep is a cutscene

  • HardWarUK

    I hope eventually you start exploring and noting details or you'll die a lot! :)

  • Scottx125 Productions

    Downer... facepalms so hard his head goes through his hand.

  • Ryusei2

    From now on, I'll be referring to retarded people as "downers".

  • Timeseer

    use your mouse to control direction of the horse its easier than using wasd

  • maizecookie

    i only watch ads on your channel

  • Trevor Fritsch

    They only serve coke products

  • That Guy

    1:40 cat walks over filthy peasants

  • Mark Wogan

    Sips that thing is a DROWNER not a Downer

  • DaymForTheGlam

    Can u be my daddy 🍆💦

  • ian pendleton

    The start of this game I find very boring... but after that I can't get enough 😂, amazing game.

  • HebaruSan

    Gerald the one sworded witch hunter, on the prowl for downers

  • sergio garcia

    omg the sticky keys got me

  • Thomas Woolley

    2:28 "Show me what you got"

  • That Guy

    I want to watch this series but I can’t stand watching him just ignore everything

  • Chesus Jrist

    never drink a pint of vodka then jerk off unless you want to simulate the clap.

  • martijnvincent5

    sips is so awesome, professional gamer and didnt even turn off sticky keys :D

  • wu1ming9shi

    haha, lmfao those sticky keys gt me. XD

  • Gentlemanly Jerk

    "I'm not omniscient"Sure about that, O'Dimm?

  • Jon Wardner

    "its just like skyrim, you can pick up flowers and shit!" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Karsten

    When he just spends a third of his gold on bread holy shit.

  • SniffyTugBoat

    5:08 whoa i didn't know sips voiced Alice

  • XxCheese NoodlesxX

    Skyrim sounds like a minecraft game xD

  • K4maKomodo

    I'm waiting for Sips to make all the worst decisions in this game 😂

  • Trekkie626

    "We have a downer brain now" too real sips

  • Neptun Yonder

    Pepsi please, make it a diet

  • Mearlyn Ambrosius

    I love how happy sips gets about plants

  • LovelyRising

    I'm sooo late to this series, but god I hope the edits are as good as Skyrim

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