DORK SOULS 3 (Dark Souls 3 Cartoon Parody) смотреть онлайн фильм в хорошем качестве hd 720

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A cartoon parody by Matthew Shezmen
  • Nathaniel Mahon

    !I love this video!! I watch it every week!

  • valecraft03

    14:40 sans easter egg!!

  • Justin Moua

    8:18 influenced by Take On Me. Anyone else noticed?

  • Yoan-marin Penkov

    Man the video is very nice BUT YOU ARE MISS SOME BOSSES

  • BladeWorthy

    Such an awesome video man! Ur animation is so good and the video was funny as fuck!

  • S U C C

    How casuals sees dark souls front cover 0:59

  • Yoan-marin Penkov

    I get some free tatoos

  • Matthew Shezmen

    Yes indeed! The sequel is finally happening guys! :) Here's the Announcement video for more information: thank you for 8 Million views, it means the world to me <3Shez

  • Badass Toad

    10:15 LMAO! Did anyone else notice that Overwatch grave on the left there? xDHahahahahaha. Fucking accurate!

  • Extraordinary Chinese Noodle

    17:15 anyone hear that parry sound in the background?

  • TheSavusukeltaja

    Animation is good, next time try to make the jokes funny.

  • Tim Xman

    17:58 Was that guy from anime Berserk Chasing him?

  • daria Namjil

    i diesd to the cancer like 16 times

  • Mr.Freezy Freeze

    Divine sandwich. From soft make it happen

  • ethanboi 2006

    9:08 look at the guy in the background

  • Mr.Freezy Freeze

    My first from soft game was blood borne and later got ds3. I went back to blood borne because it seemed more fun. This was before nightmare frontier. When I got there I stopped and went back to dark souls 3

  • Destiny and Warframe Gamer

    Is dat fighter pl at 6:15

  • Yamato Yamato

    tell me what song is called 19:05

  • Tragarful Law

    Why do they look all constipated😂😂

  • Global Outcast

    'fun for the whole family"

  • The Ebbe

    You lucky bastard xD

  • David A

    Wait.... are you italian?

  • Shandeisal1000

    The voiceovers are freaking perfect.

  • Cat Burger

    I was wearing bluetooth head phones and it said BATTERY LOW PLEASE CHARGE When he said i havenet played the first 2

  • kiwipiggy gaming

    22:34 has orenstien at bottom left

  • pukklemaster

    the jojo references were hopefully intentional (in the character creator bit)

  • Helious Games

    begging yes indeed absolutely Very Much Agreed

  • Monica Brown

    Did anyone watch it a second time just to see the references?

  • Juliano Camuzato

    Very nice job hahahaha

  • Tim Xman

    15:03 that boss actually WAS extremely easy. Way easier than I anticipated

  • Ul'yana DibiLova

    They were talking trash about your mom!

  • Repoio OP

    hahahhahha 5:00 fuckin resident evil 4 hahha

  • noobpumbaforever

    Just in case anyone is wondering about the ghost at 9:08, that's the spirits from the forest in Princess Monanoke

  • RisenGuide

    Beautiful animation dude, but I think ou should turn down the references a bit, I think too many references isn't good

  • ronlooks

    23:24 nightmares sword from soul calibur


    0:49 THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!!!!!! (Portal Easter Egg)

  • Gerald Owens

    This is too accurate.

  • Joslynn English

    Effing AWESOME MORE PLEASE!? Thanks this was GREEEAAT!

  • Necromater 665

    15:18 if ea made dark souls

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