The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Keira & Lambert Love Story

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


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  • George

    I think that any future Witcher game should focus on Lambert and Keira, and it appears this game really sets up that scenario rather well..

  • LightLegion

    Lambert probably needed it

  • Paper Please

    I guess Keira METZ her match HA HA

  • Pt Cruiser

    Geralt: Hey Lambert guess what.Lambert: What is it?Geralt: We did it first.Lambert: Son of a Bitch.

  • Daylyn Roddey

    I killed keira when she went for those notes lol she attcked me

  • 6405090401 47

    Keira and Lambert? Who else is in love now? Triss and Eksel or Letho and Yennefer?

  • Federico Anzola

    I swear lambert likes both man and woman used to think he was completely gay in hiding but no, fucker is a degenerate even likes little girls lol 😂

  • Silvio Grijalva

    Keira was such a cunt. I still would have allowed her to yield if i could have

  • Samescape

    1:12 Does Keira Metz have armpit hair? If so, its actually quite fitting for her. She detests the outdoors yet walks around barefoot, uses element magic, and sells herbs. Nature is actually appropriate for this character. Also, I argue that Keira Metz changed her direction to Kaer Morhen because she developed feelings for Geralt. However, Lambert was single and had similar temper as her, make them a superior match.

  • Angelus

    Lambert, Lambert, what a prick.

  • Jaysen Ergen

    In my game it was Eskel that ended up with Keira since he was the one that Keira helped during the battle at Kaer Morhen. Any idea how this happened?

  • Stuntman Pat. OTC

    i saw this as odd. i had a sneaking suspicion that Lambert was gay because of the way he acted earlier in the game concerning his lost friend.

  • Wattie Gaming

    Is it good that I killed Keria?

  • Izzuz Otsoga

    Well... atleast Yen said Lambert is more attractive than Geralt, lets give him that lol

  • Mecha Emperor - Knightmare Lancelot

    Lambert....are you serious....Lambert is an asshole!

  • Kargath Bladefist (WoD)

    Wild hunt solider that didn't die from her spell.I have the weirdest boner now...

  • Brian Ellis

    Kiera's always been untrustworthy, I'd give it a month

  • Brendan Chwascinski

    Geralts woman is bad ass and so is Lambert's woman

  • Miniraise

    I've been playing witcher for like 40 hours now and I just bought 1 and 2-I'm never going to have a life, am I?

  • Hamza A

    Awwwwww it makes mi cri evrytim

  • HustlerWolf

    Well my lambert died and I dident invite anyone for the kear fight battle

  • pramitbanerjee

    lol, bad idea lambert. Very bad idea.

  • Coco Yubari

    There is a bug for which you can find Keira outside Kaer Morhen in the endgame, where the funeral was, falling down from her pendulum and following the street. There you can ask her about Lambert... the castle door to go back won't work though.

  • Ben McBrayer

    This is completely unrelated, but man do I hate triss.

  • Rasdan

    Impaled by Radovid or by a Witcher. Keira did a wise choice.

  • Gogo Kak

    I actually ship geralt and lambert

  • Beatmyguest001

    Crikey at all the comments here...sad most of the players of the witcher don't love and respect sorceress' as much as our main man Geralt does...anyway I fucking love Kiera - she's great and was a total badass saving Lambert - I like the pairing :)


    I sent off trisss 😫😕😫😕😕

  • Terry Merry

    Glad I killed the manipulative bitch. Sorry Lambert, in my playthrough you're single but it's for the best.

  • defector antal

    yeah right as if I'm gonna waste the awesome Lambert for a two faced whore like Keira.

  • Dan Something

    Poor Eskel, the only one who hasnt fucked a Sorceress

  • Sash13

    I was happy for Lamber, always sarcastic, hating the fact that he is a witcher, finally can let the past behind him.

  • kurzor0007

    Lambert you hypocrite

  • Ze-TopHat-Gamer

    Damn... Now I feel bad for killing her.

  • Vinxent C.S.

    i would love to see them again in blood & wine expansion, 2 good secondary characters.

  • kickbuttme

    feel really bad about killing her...gotta play through again and not freak out when she might spread the plague hahah xD

  • blackvial

    if I let Keira keep the notes from the tower but tell her to head to Kaer Morhen does she make it?

  • xMusicx

    Here's to Kira, and that prick....may they live yadayada

  • alicia brock

    So what do you have to get this to happen?

  • Chuang Yao

    Vesimir: Lambert, dammit! Stay with us!

  • Don Kuhn

    I fucked her, then killed her...then fucked her again.

  • UmeyuIgratNaGitare

    Без обид, но русская озвучка круче.

  • SEaster IslanderS

    Damn. I gotta play through this game again eventually. The story and characters, even the ones who are not particularly nice, are great. Kiera and Lambert are perfect for each other.

  • Frankie Hernandez

    and to think he grilled us for being with a sorcereres and in the end he gets with Keira.

  • Alfred Chan

    Lambert, Lambert, what a cuck.

  • AlphieStudios

    I killed that asshole Keira

  • Sapphiresenthiss Bluescales

    Not a LOVE story. I doubt she ever felt anything for Lambert.She simply used him for her goals.

  • clayman648

    I kinda wanted to hook up with her.. i'm mad jealous..well i guess SOMEONE might trip on a spike..

  • Corristo89

    One of the few nice resolutions from the franchise and one both of them fully deserved.

  • Dronning10

    always wondered how you get the hair to stay on the sides like that, mine just glitches but i like the long haired loook like in witcher one

  • tiranusH.B. Heredia

    Geralt: in case i dont see you ever again i want you to now i fuck KeiraLambert: really, well is good to know we are even Geralt: What?Lambert: yea, Triss, that time i jump from the windowGeralt: YOU LITLE SHITLambert: but you fucked KeiraGeralt: IL KILL YOU

  • Reviews From The North

    I am SO glad I turned down Keira's "friends with benefits" offer. Would have been so awkward between Geralt and Lambert.

  • Peace Keeper

    Lambert's one of my favorites. He may seem annoying at first but aside from Vesemir, Eskel, and Ciri he's the only one who'd take a sword to the stomach for you.


    I sent off trisss 😫😕😫😕😕

  • Hunter Williams

    Have fun with Kiera Lambert, I know I did. 😏


    Lambert, Lambert, what a prick.Didn't know Keira sucked Geralt's dick.

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