[Dark Souls 3] Gank Squad turns into Phantom Warfare (long invasion)

The fight got pretty messy towards the end because I was losing my patience with the inexhaustible stream of phantoms that the host kept summoning and often went for an attack when it wasn't safe, so I ate shit a couple of times. Especially since the blue that appeared later on was more competent compared to the other phantoms and had an idea how to punish the limited stamina an invader has against multiple phantoms.

There really needs to be a cooldown for summons.
  • Ville Lepoaho

    You have to be seriously bad if you can't win a 3v1

  • Maher Benjamin

    He summoned like 20 dudes but imagine if the host send a hatemail to him saying ur a fhcking pussy git gud kiddo ur a hacker well its almost like all the guys that send hatemail that write that

  • Scott Wilson

    5:02 lol good job he was worthless anyways

  • Giovanni Bertocci

    Wow, what a gank spank, GG

  • Chrom The exalt of Ylisse

    whenever someone ivades me, I run to the bonfire, not to summon help like the aforementioned bitch host here, but to have an honest 1v1, and I've yet to see a dishonorable invader, I would heal up, wait start the duel, and if I win, rest at the bonfire, recover and continue, if the invader outplays me, well my souls are right there and I can pick up where I left off. all with my pride and dignity

  • Franco Alexander Castellanos Monteserin

    5:04 Fucking useless red phantom...

  • Frazzles Gaming

    Gotta love that this lil bitch ass host of embers is the one throwing honour bombs

  • weeaboslayer #27

    he rekt them so hard his wapen is at risk

  • Dook Nookem

    Now imagine a world where DS3 had a feature where hosts only could summon a limited number of phantoms after resting at a bonfire

  • Birdsie

    I've seen people fight gankers for a long time, for a long time.I've never seen anyone fight gankers for so long their weapon started breaking... until now.

  • Wander

    +Aleys you are a saint

  • Akeboshi Akeboshi

    I dont think I've ever seen a host more desperate for life

  • Quantis

    Heres a fun game, take a shot every time you see the "Summoning another phantom.." sign


    The caped crusaders 12:13

  • codafett

    What a fucking coward

  • Supah Moelleux

    see how long it tooks for a blue to get there ? and the worst part is, it was Cancer: the player

  • XHellxraiser

    One hell of a fight. You earned that win. He gave you hell.

  • yung malaria

    Holy straight swords batman!

  • Martin Kováč

    I don't get one thing..the invader seems kinda good player BUT it was SOOO PAINFUL to watch him not using R1 STANCE to guard break these idiots. Also props to him for fighting with a BROKEN sword lol

  • maximusdarkultima

    dark souls episode 1: the phantom menace

  • Caged Koji

    To be fair they were going to farm the knight and progress through the game. Not like they planned on being a tank squad.



  • nameinvalidLOL69

    No point down? Damn, I think the host at least deserved that.

  • Sarkastik Pro

    Ahhh back in the days when invasions weren't cancerous and most people stuck with a straight swords & used fired balls.... such simpler times . This invasion is at legendary status

  • CBuckington

    The last darkmoon was actually pretty good too >~<

  • Joshua Bowers

    Man this is humbling lol I'm trash at PVP but I'm really good at PVE (who isn't though) but even I know this guy is some trash run, summon, gank, repeat

  • speed bison

    GG man youre one hell of a survivor. I hate when a ganker is alone and dont even try to fight

  • MrLoveandgiggles

    Those of you who whine, "Invaders are ruining this game", either go play in offline mode or stop being a shit hole and 'git gud' as one would say. You're only making yourself look like a puny knight that no one can take seriously. Don't be one of the retards on Reddit who already ruined Dark Souls 3 with obnoxious whines about simple stuff.

  • IAMA34

    fucking invaders helping gankers, if you do that you're a fucking idiot

  • Angels Martyr

    The funniest part about this is NO ONE in this video is good. Especially not the invaders

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