The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Walkthrough Part 2 - Jedi Mind Control (PS4 Let's Play Gameplay Commentary)

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Walkthrough Part 1 - Intro & Prologue (PS4 Let's Play Gameplay Commentary)

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Walkthrough! Walkthrough and Let's Play Playthrough of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with Live Gameplay and Commentary in 1080p high definition at 60 fps. This The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt walkthrough will be completed showcasing every level, mission, boss, and story ending.

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Developer: CD Projekt Red
Release: May 19, 2015
Genre: Action Role Playing Game
Platforms: PlayStation 4 (PS4), XBOX One, Windows PC
Publisher: Warner Brothers
  • Efren Arevalo

    Seriously, if CDProjektRed release a stand alone game for Gwent or a Gwent DLC - it's gonna sell like hot pancakes.

  • Grigori Rasputin

    ps4 is shit. it's much better on pc kiddies.

  • LuKazu

    Bwahh! My GPU choked out three days before the release! I simply can't afford a new one. This hurts me so much xD

  • kimberly collins

    Does anybody else think that the mind control trick was wierd?

  • jeffpinesso

    the graphics seem to be very beautiful, however, appears to be too bright!

  • IRock CheetahSocks

    Finally bought this game. I love it. Thanks, Nic. You helped

  • davidgleibs

    your hair is not supposed to be purple

  • SAGEM1A4Me

    It is good they have some recaps. Being a Playstation gamer I was never "allowed" to play a Witcher game and I'm damn sure not going to pick up a series on or after its third installment. There is no remakes or anything of the previous games for PS3/4. Just checking out the game because everyone says it's so great.

  • Kevin Yee

    That's an interesting look for Geralt

  • Wolfe From that Game

    I can't believe no one commented on the god damn Yu-Gi-Oh moment Nic just had. He completely smashed that guy first round then he assembled all the pieces of freaking exodia and double K.Oed him in one move and won.

  • PHoToS999

    I really like that Captain guy. Good character.

  • Mislav Pohovski

    My name is mentioned haha

  • karen8988

    @ 2:26 I think the old man should have said "Sun should have revolved around the Earth."  At that time they believe everything revolved around the Earth. In the late 1200's (If I'm right) they didn't discover that the earth revolves around the sun until the 1600's by a man named Galileo, but the Church and some scientist didn't take it seriously.

  • Coma Leech

    holy shit I know right!!

  • TheArbiter 14

    this game looks good so far , however i still think elderscrolls is a better game .

  • Emerald Alien

    Woa Nick you watch Supernatural? That's awesome.

  • PrinceXTC86

    This tavern looks like a kindergarden with all those paintings. :D I kinda like it. lol

  • Vampirelove48

    The hair is glitching that's why it has purple in it. My brother has the game and his doesn't have the purple in it.

  • davidgleibs

    oh they burned the outskirts to vizima to the ground, that was the first village (starting area) of the witcher 1.

  • OmegaKilo8

    Wow this looks so cartoony on PS4, and it's not his settings or recording. All his other game videos look fine. W3 on PS4 lol

  • Tristan McCray

    at 17:00 to 17:04 Geralt I knew were trouble when you walked in

  • Beautiful Dubai

    How to block attack by sword?

  • Carlos Rodrigo Oliveira Pereira

    I am inside this house. I have already spoken with all of them. I have already played cards but I can´t see "Gaunter O´Dim".Can you please tell me what´s wrong with my mission?

  • chronoed

    Too many animations in the game ¿can not you play without skip that trash? i mean i am not telling toTetra Ninja to skip it, im just asking if there is an option in the game to skip all those dialogues, they are just trash. All that info are readable in a single textbox why you have to lose your time watching the whole actuations of every single char that you find in the game.  24 minutes of gameplay  2 mins of playing and  22 mins of animations. Very bored this part of the game, i hope the whole game won't be like this. I thought this was a game for playing not for watching. Excessive amount of irrelevant content, graphis are good of course but the animations are too long and i thing they are unnecessary, is a waste of time. I mean leave something for the imagination Why every char have to tell you the entire story of his life when you can easily deduce the important things that you need to know to having fun fighting and killing some monsters. Better to go and read the books, is a better exercise and more funny.

  • Caleb Daniels

    purple hair is just one of the many bugs and glitches in The Witcher

  • Bru no

    his hair turned purple

  • Eric Oancea

    Well now that I've finished Heart of Stone, parts of the discussion with Gaunter O'Dimm have a whole different meaning.

  • Celestial Vengeance

    "she better not be a crossroads demon" lol... I wouldn't have gotten that reference had I naught caught up on season 2 last month :p I'm a bit slow on TV shows >.>

  • Jesus H. Christ

    Good play through. This game looks better than I expected.

  • Michal

    PS4 versions looks like a cartoon, overly saturated colours, very bright, like there is no shader at all, no shadows. compared to PC (just budget PC), which is darker, colours are more real. Can it be set, brightness, saturation?.. or is it platform difference?

  • Brandon Reneau

    17:30 Why is his hair purple?

  • otaku -senpai

    magnam opaes? like from your mad max walkthrough? if anybody elese caught this please let people know that Im not crazy. once again thats cool

  • TheCroatianGamingChannel

    why is there blood while fist fighting

  • PC Beggar Destroyer

    pc is shit. it's much better on ps4 kiddies.

  • timelord1029

    i Love that supernatural reference.

  • Gerardo Martinez

    Y do I get the feeling that the witcher is the only person who talks normally

  • benji turner

    loved the supernatural comment about crossroad demons lol

  • Kien Tran Hoang

    A nice and caring military commander... rare to see in a game.

  • Wicked Bitch

    Supernatural reference 'better not be a cross roads demon.'

  • Rajivrocks Ltd.

    Darksiders did the same thing with the recap.

  • Captain Davian

    I'm glad it wasn't just me seeing the purple hair, thought I needed my eyes checked or something.

  • Aero Winds

    Anyone else want his armor? That's first thing I saw 20 minutes in.

  • 3bowwow22

    it took me two loss to win that card game

  • NecrosVideos


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