The Witcher 3 - Pre-E3 Trailer

The Witcher 3 continues to impress with an incredible new trailer.
  • JohnnyLoco27

    Am I the only that, after completing the game, notices that there are a lot of things missing in the final game that were shown in this trailer? Or at least changed? For example I've never seen that brothel shown here or that Triss' face looks vastly different in the acual game versus this shot in the trailer @1:44

  • Jody Resnanda

    Can I run this game with this spec?At what quality?Spec:Casio12 digitsTwo way power

  • Diego Arrospide

    I'll always remember this trailer because it made me buy the Witcher 1 and 2. Thanks to these games I found about the books of the Witcher saga and is one of the best stories I've ever read. Totally worth it.

  • Gabrilos

    Best game yet . 2 years later ...

  • rj2long

    ugh just played through the witcher 2 for the first time now i'm itching to play this. need to upgrade my computer first.....

  • Toni Bilello

    One of the best game ever made!

  • Hassan

    hmmm the game looks differnt than the trailer, the meeting with the king isnt the same and also both yenffer and triss look different

  • BielUaN133

    Yennefer is so ugly in this trailer lel.

  • Son Kun

    The graphics are not that good AC4 black flag has better graphics than this

  • Ahmed Barwary

    Tywin speaking to the white wolf?No wonder this game was amazingThe Starks send their regards..

  • Bruno Nascimento

    Unsurprisingly, the actual game turned out quite different

  • Purushangam Gaming

    Yennefer looked so different in this trailer. Good thing they changed her in the end.

  • Jacob Faltin

    It's a shame they didn't keep this look for Eredin. Looks so much more badass than the final version

  • RatMate

    Go to 1:45 and set the speed to 2.Enjoy the music.

  • Chill Blinton

    Anyone else see that most of this shit isn't even in the game? I love the game but jesus, so much of this trailer isn't in the game

  • Elie Moutran

    does it work on nvidia gt330 m ?


    Most awesome trailer ever.. Said everyone. Ever.

  • NesquiK

    can i run this on windows 98?

  • darthgamer79

    imagine if the game actually did deliver this graphic cuality, it would have been the best rpg of all times for sure. it is one of, but not THE best. is an amazing game and i love every moment i spend with, but they really did not give us this graphics


    @IGn why the scene on 0,40 was not in the game ? Where he says Your imperial majesty

  • 66javi66

    Thank you CD Project.

  • Jibster

    Never noticed at 32 seconds in that on the right that bulky frame is Letho.

  • SPanunu

    This must be an incredibly old build of the game because Yen @ 1:39 looks nothing like the final version of her.

  • HeniekAntoszczyk

    Witcher 3 vs SKYRIM ??

  • Rodrigo Fernety

    omg <3 WITCHER 3 IS THAT GOOD?

  • manic221

    Watched this trailer so many times can't believe I've been playing it for the last 2 days finally! And it's SPECTACULAR the hype was worth it!

  • Stefan Denchev

    scene from 1:30 completely the same :D but instead of geralt it's eskel... wow that's awesome, so weird :D

  • kiba vlood

    Eredin was the hero..

  • Star

    160 dislikers are DA:I fans

  • guildwars69x

    This has to be the best game to be released in recent memory, hands down.

  • Andrés Cabrera

    1:39 whooo!! Yennefer has change a lot xD

  • Mikhail Gaevoy

    Yeneffer looks different

  • Gutvald

    "The sword of destiny has to edges", i finally undersand :O

  • Afa Potter

    I'm not a native speaker, is he says "once we were many, now we're few" at the beginning?

  • Chill Blinton

    Just remembered:Why the shit was this downgraded "for consoles"? Ps4 and X1 and definitely handle that amount of detail. Look at Metal Gear Solid V. That has to be some of the best graphics I've ever seen AND it's at 60fps. The fact that CDprojektRED downgraded it is not because of console hardware. It's because they poorly optimize it for consoles and focus more on the PC port. LazinessAlso, Witcher 3 actually sold more games on consoles than PC so that goes to show you who the primary buyers are

  • Lucky looky

    1.32... Geralt? as long as I know it is Eskel... I didn't know they changed the story...

  • DailYxDosE

    Why does Yennefer look different in this trailer then she does in game?

  • Darragh Tate

    Interesting, originally it was Geralt that fought Caranthir at Kaer Morhen. No wonder Eskel fights like Geralt - the animations were probably written FOR Geralt.

  • Leo Hagan

    RIP good Witcher 3 graphics

  • Michael Castro

    Damn the king of the Wild hunt looks a lot different here than in the final game.Still a badass game though.

  • The Zapper

    Wasn't overwhelmed by the combat mechanics but the atmosphere, lore, storytelling and plot are a-ma-zing. Best game I've played in years, can't wait for blood and wine :3

  • Wayne Barker

    Is this game any good?

  • Yoodge

    The scene in the throne room with Emhyr. It doesn't happen that way in the release version, does it? There the audience takes place in a somewhat small room in the castle.

  • Alexy Tousignant

    Best game of all time, I can't enjoy anything else since I played to this master piece!

  • Charlotte

    i preordered this and my computer doesn't even run it..

  • Medi Evil

    Hide the wenches, Witcher's coming!

  • Derek Adan Henriquez Perez

    my dad likes this game

  • rick hunter

    This trailer its fake, cd project red sold to everyone that the game was going to look like this but the truth is that since 2013 there was never a trailer with in-game graphics was all cgi and even the cgi movies of the retail game didn´t match the quality of this trailers, they couldn´t even put the same quality of cgi movies in the cgi movies of the retail game, how sad that demon with deer horns is not in the game but it is in the art of the box and even in the menu lol..

  • Aiden Furry

    isn't eskel the one who fights cathranir?

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