Exploring The Vast World of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Part 2 of 3)

In part two of our three part series we explore the world of the Witcher 3. We detail its multiple open areas, and reveal its vast map. We tell you how it runs on consoles and give you insight into the types of monsters you'll be slaying in this varied open world RPG.

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  • Jon Snow

    Worried it's just one huge forest

  • JoeDP25

    If anything could sell a game to me, it would be the sentence 'like a fantasy version of Red Dead Redemption'

  • Fernando Mendoza


  • Techies888

    Amazing graphics indeed, only problem you will never see them aagin cause all that eyecandy was removed from final version!

  • PorthunaxGaming

    I have AMD fx8350 cpu and gtx 970. This game makes me feel that it has so much too offer but i mite lag in those big towns.. Anybody know if it will be that bad for me or am i ok?

  • Manny Saluja

    best game I've ever played

  • Joker

    Graphics look amazing and the world is huge but the story isnt really my thing it kinda Sounds like WOW but for single player and with cool graphics. Nah not buying this for my playstation 4

  • Monte Raid

    that nice intro , btw how the flower tast ??

  • Gorveth

    That creepy fetus monster though...

  • coolnobodycares

    So this is basically a new gen version if skyrim, except skyrim variety of armor looks cooler (of what I have seen so far) and probably with more mod support. Long story short it looks fucking sweet.


    #Gamespot is the combat in Witcher 3 similar to shadow of mordor, assassins creed or bloodborne ?

  • spock_elvis

    I've often been mistaken for a demonic, miscarried fetus.

  • man tog

    i play it now. dont miss it guys. if there is a game worthy for ps4 so far, this is it. its stunning!

  • Miša Luković

    at least i can download this awesome music xD

  • Beard Hitbox TV

    At first I was like 'oh Danny is all smart and one with nature, he knows which flowers are edible!' But then I was like 'ah ok, nevermind'

  • Ady Cardiac

    i was going to get ESO but the more i see of this the more it appeals to me.....and Danny....you are a great reviewer....so much so i think you may have converted me to get this.

  • lucas hatton

    Tell me I'm not the only one who got goosebumps during the starting theme song

  • Willian monteiro pires

    i can work for free in cd projekt red! just give me a bed and something to eat! great team!

  • Connor Maruke

    The world is huge wow it will be impressive I saw the are no mans land which is huge in that section but to think it's 3 to 4 times bigger than skyrim is awsome

  • Luke Sargent

    Just 9 hours and 53 minutes!!!!!!!

  • Imaginaryfrienddeity

    for the 31 who disliked this video.. Go back to COD, we dont need you anyway.

  • Kid Colour

    So....who's downloaded this from the PS/XBOX store and will be playing direct @ midnight? :D

  • revan21

    If im serious I really dont like all these british accent voice actors in The Witcher 3.They do a good job but I think people with polish or other easter european accents would fit better into the world.

  • Shane Leung

    i would just connect my rig with my 52 inch HDTV and use xbox controller to play.

  • Philip Kaplan

    The Witcher franchise was really a great game for hardcore fans of complex rpgs and the book series, but it turned off a lot casual gamers because things weren't ever just handed to you. The Witcher games are difficult, but more rewarding bec when you achieved a new quest or item, you felt like you really earned it. I'm also glad to see a game that is trying to be meaningful to players with an in depth story and fun huge fun areas to explore. Thats what rpgs are all about, can't wait to play this and neglect all of my family and friends for months.

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