Dark Souls 3 - Low Level Trolling & Trickery!

White ring trickery & trolling! This is hands-down the funniest thing to do as a low-level to beginners, and it's pretty simple to setup as well :D

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  • Kohlkopf

    "Get his Gucci Katana"

  • Serenity Miyazaki

    You recorded this on my birthday.

  • Scribbles

    That white phantom's a spy!

  • iota-09

    also get the obscuring ring and hidden body and you're ready to roll even at high level.

  • Mine Turtle

    But your still a low level though

  • TheKman452

    00:34 ... you just... just look at the flowers.... Just look at the flowers... HAHA Savage man.

  • michael day

    😂😂😂 damn noobs haha well we've all been there at one time or another

  • Jesus Barrios

    Probably would have died because he used like 2 estus so he died

  • K A

    turn on display name and you're the odd one out

  • Master Gamer

    pretending to be a dark wraith

  • Josh Certegenass

    You mean fail and excuse?

  • Gage Roberts

    I was completely aware this was a thing. I summoned a mad spirit because i wanted to fight him. He had the ring on. I was gonna go fight him but some ai were attacking me. So i was in the middle of killing them. He attacked me in the middle of it and killed me. He thought i was a noob... Well hey he got a nice sense of achievement i guess lol

  • Jakob Sprague

    The guy in the intro got me really sad because he was just trying to go to the boss and I almost cried

  • crow

    You need to equip the mound makers covenant to blend in better

  • creepybobmarly

    Some good trolling, but papa pl is still my bai.

  • ArchRain

    Hello Guys , Can everyone please sub to me , I am going to be making Dark Souls Trolling videos , Guides and much more soon. Everyone who follows will be much appreciate. <3

  • al bla dav

    Imagine this with the dagger and hornet ring.

  • Chief 101

    Thanks for tutorial in beginning I’m new and I wanted to be an invader

  • Guitar Demon

    If your summoned as a friendly mound maker with the white ring it also works......be smart hosts

  • XJ6Lunatic

    i lost it at the mimic xD

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