The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Appreciation - 2 Years Later

Today The Witcher 3 turns 2! Time flies, huh?
I'm not sure why I never made a video about The Witcher 3 a year ago, but it's never too late to appreciate art.
This isn't a review. Just a video discussing why I love this game.

  • Ever Greatest

    Witcher 4 needs to happen

  • Dash Lent

    Just reinstalled this. Thank you for this awesome video, and thank you for once again making me throw away hundreds more hours of my life.

  • Pabasara Kandabada

    ' Run Roach''What the fuck do you think I'm doing?'

  • FranklinRichards

    Is this Bam Margera reviewing The Witcher 3?

  • salad-Nach0

    Liked in the first 5 seconds LOL

  • SuperiorWarrior 17

    This was the best game ever made

  • GuidoForLife

    Very valid points on the crazy expectations on Cyberpunk - I'm also expecting it to be not as good as the Witcher 3. New setting, new system, it takes time to work out those kinks. Also, studio are only the people, and they tend to move around. A lot of great contributors who worked on the Witcher 3 is likely to have (and rightfully) ridden this games' success and may have taken pay raises elsewhere. Favorite moment - when I realized I made a certain "mistake" in a detective quest in Novigrad, had a awkward feeling of facts not lining up. Checking and finding out I made a mistake and the game had pulled a fast one on me, and had to live with that.

  • CasualChilliBoy

    Mack from WorthABuy doesn't consider this game to be immersive or an RPG which is opposite you what you stated. But hey, everyone has a right to their own opinion.

  • partydean17

    Where did you find that picture of Todd Howard

  • Imran Jaan

    I’m literally addicted to this game just like a junkie is to junk. If i dont get my dose of the game at least for 2 hours i lose my mind.

  • KonfigPL

    My favorite moment is when you walk into the Kaer Morhen, and you feel you like you belong the

  • Ian Edmonds

    I heard great things about witcher 3 (as well as you need a ninja system to play it) so I thought I'd start from witcher 1 and see how it went.This was just after skyrim so I totally set it up for failure.I played witcher one for a while but It felt very small after Skyrim and it wasn't all voice acted (If i remember correctly) which put me off after a decent amount of gameplay.A friend recommended witcher 3 and I'd just finished dragon's age 3 which I really enjoyed. I decided to give it a shot again.WOW.Completely converted.I've not finished it yet but this is the best game I've ever played.Honourable mentions include Baldur's gate, Fallout new vegas, Fallout 3 Oh and Skyrim obviously.:-)I'm getting withdrawal symptoms that I'm near the end. Is it worth playing Witcher 2?Luv and Peace.

  • Proton 20XX

    So is that the game that really makes the PS4 worth buying?

  • A SwedishBong

    Best moment in the witcher 3 : wild hunt is when you do a monster hunt and that epic music comes on. It's just too good.

  • NM Gaming

    Every year tons of games get released and after you play some of them and u had fun and u know these were good games u forget about them after a while, but every once in a while there comes a game which as soon as u start it u realize that u won't be forgetting about it anytime soon and u regret that u won't because u want be able to start it again.

  • Luis Aviles

    I just finished the main quest last night,yes 2018,I took my time enjoying this journey that started on my first PS4 and continued the game in my PS4 Pro,finding Ciri at the end after sending her to her death was the best part of the game for me 🏆

  • Alan __

    I love watching videos like this. Where people appreciate TW3 as much as I did. It is the pinnacle of RPGs. It’s what every RPG aspires to do, which is put its player in a fantasy world with a compelling story and and characters with good gameplay. Many other games do that but not even close to the level TW3 does

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