The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 35 Minute Gameplay Demo

Take a look at this 35 minute developer gameplay demo of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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  • T3rryyy__

    I'm watching this video like I don't have the game

  • nelson lagunas

    hope they remaster it with these graphics down the road with witcher 1 and 2 aswell

  • Nasko K. Dimov

    OK where are the swords that we see in this ? I dont want a mod so i can get this , cmon CD

  • Ali interista

    These swords aren't in the game.

  • Old Time Gamer

    i remember this demo with better video quality

  • PhilisOzup

    Do people seriously care about a downgrade in a game like this? Fuck you!

  • Anime Iz LIFE

    i hope they would make a live action movie of the witcher

  • Amarae

    Rides horse but running is faster

  • H_Balck

    Wow... the main quest changed quite a bit....

  • 1012

    geralt looks so much better in this

  • Culo Gang Rico

    Even with the downgrade, game still is one of the best looking games on PC

  • Davin Quintanilla

    The horses tail looks really good in the demo but now it's just like ugh

  • Baelfire fowl

    After finding out how CD Projekt Red conducts their demos, it's easy to see why the official game looks so watered down

  • Izzuz Otsoga

    If only LOTR games are like this...

  • Gameplays Videos

    What a graphics! but the game don't looks like here

  • Niko

    Great clip. One of the best gameplay videos i've ever seen, if not the best.

  • digitalquatergod

    Why don't the plants react to Geralt like in 20:39 on my pc? Is there a switch in the options-menu I have to turn on?

  • UnWantedNightMARES

    Why is Geralt combat movement changed? And the camera as well? I don't care about graphic a but I want CD projekt red to change the movement and camera to be like the demo :-(

  • Nasko K. Dimov

    Whats with this quest ? Ladies of the Wood ? Talk to Djikstra ? WTF ? thats not how the quest goes lol, this is far mroe epic

  • Izamanaick

    Geralt looks so different, I kinda prefer him this way tbh.

  • casey graham

    the dodging in this so much better then the real game so is the sword play. the camera is better. i want those swords so bad. i have the wolven ones.

  • Midnight_Phantom

    I wish they kept the game like this , the movement camera is so much more amazing..

  • Zaboor Chaudhry

    Shame they changed the signs and most of the animations :(..

  • john xiong

    I liked the way he walked, jogged, and looked at people as he past them in this version, how come they changed that up, it had nothing to do with the graphics?

  • Jake Gillespie

    let's play burn the witch!!

  • Rob Nickerson

    I LOVE this game. top 10 all time to me but did he REALLY just say it would take 15-20 minutes to get from Novigrad to the Bog at full gallop? lmao bruhh u can easily get there in 3-4 minutes maybe even less. Roach is fast

  • FallenRamone

    Oh do I ever love Johnny, he's so adorable.

  • Sir Leezerd

    This is the Witcher 3 i wanted

  • Fin Hendren

    i prefer the games graphics know

  • David Can.

    I love the graphics more in the demo than the actual release

  • MrKillerfan18

    I hate that they changed the camera and movement physics the graphics are also different. feel like I got ripped off for not getting what i payed for.

  • shafin rahman

    why dont u just cut off ur own ear? -.-

  • SALTY Peasents Always Need Salt

    why couldn't they release the missing features through a patch?

  • Gabriel Procópio

    Look the grass wayy better than today, holy shit

  • KillTheCurse

    27:20 holy crow the interface changed so much!

  • Dexiant

    Looking back on this it is disappointing that the game got downgraded graphically; still, it's an excellent game.

  • Alduro Martert

    Can PS5 output games with this graphics at consistently 60fps ??

  • Albert Krzeminski

    wtf the vid isnt even hd

  • casey graham

    i want those sword at 32.25

  • Unicorn Pig

    Lol thousands..... I see at most 5 or 10 peasants just passing and walking around.

  • dknight xs

    despite the visual downgrade this game is fucking awesome!

  • Elliott Lockwood

    There's so much to like about what this looked like, but it just doesn't come close to ruining the hundreds of hours I spent in the final product, which is still one of the most consistently beautiful games I've ever played.

  • Marek Tichý

    Please, can Geralt make a fight move that is in 21:50 so enemy drops his shield ? ! Without counterattack or when is enemy´s stamina empty ! Thx :)

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