Jake Hughes Anachronox The Movie 1080P HD

1080P HD enhanced version of the Anachronox movie. Further enhanced version coming soon!
  • Nuclear Winter Gaming

    People that are confused about the quality, I used a program to resize the image to 1080p and clean some of the noise. I am not an expert video remaster-er nor do i have access to such software.

  • thenextphaze

    classic anachronox quotes"if you got the lowdown, share the looove before its too late""will you take your head out of the gutter and stick to business...the girls on sunder are MUCH classier..."

  • Reid Bianco

    One of my favourite scenes from a game ever starts around 30:00. This was such a good game!

  • Mark Chajev

    Heh, quite fine as movie ^^

  • Medveteso

    Loved the characters, ambience and music so much in this game. Too bad, this has never got a continuation.

  • Ed Gepixel

    "1080P HD enhanced version"? Are you kidding me? The video quality is shit!

  • thenextphaze

    also its a great game worth of a redux - great story, funny and yeah... a sequel!


    man the sound on all these videos are so bad

  • Gylfi0

    Does the movie skip every scene where the characters walk through cool cyber streets and moody places? Aren't those the most atmospheric and cool bits?

  • thebluedragon07

    man I haven't seen this in a long time, saw this video when it was on Winamp video channels.

  • Demetrius900000

    The story had an awesome sci-fi thing with universes and mass, only to turn in into classical order vs chaos routine. And then expand upon it with Slann vs Chaos warriors. Really? I loved the dialogues and characters, but the story went from OMGTHATSAWESOMEANDNEW!!!11 to "meh, seen that a million times". Too bad.

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