Aion 4.8 - Stigma Enchanting

"Aion 4.8 - Stigma Enchanting" no description available.
  • jetli80

    +20 gears, now this... And not 100%. I can't play this game anymore it's like Vegas except you lose more and get nothing in return even when you win.

  • MrFishbone111

    DOn't know why people bithc ta this,looks like an interesting system.

  • AzuKen

    the stigma enchantment , it just reduce mana cost ? cuz i didn't see any changes 

  • Em Black

    Thank you uploader! Very useful and interesting vids.

  • Thanasislt1997

    Is succes rate 100% ?

  • lordpiitou

    NoOOooOo ! Why ? Q_Q 

  • Andre mota

    enchant chnge what in my stigma?

  • dweliq

    whats the max possible level of enchant and max possible realistic level of enchant?

  • Charos Maros

    i wanted to come back but not after this..

  • Trancer006

    So to reach the 7th, new vision stigma, you need to enchant all of your stigmas? Or is it enough to just have non inert stigmas?

  • allexXx19

    if i enchant a stigma what then , deals more dmg or wat?

  • giizachu

    so you enchant stigmas with a copy of the same stigma? 

  • dvr1337

    just another way 2 burn and make money for ncsoft. fucking assholes

  • hackler heck

    wtf enchantment stigma -_-

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