Dark Souls III - Opening Cinematic Trailer | PS4, XB1, PC

Dark Souls III is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC/Steam on April 12, 2016! The opening cinematic from Dark Souls III sheds a tiny beam of light onto the mystery of where and when Dark Souls III takes place. The next chapter in the epic saga created from From Software will keep you guessing what's around the next corner. You don't want to miss this incredible adventure. #EmbraceTheDarkness

Head to the official Dark Souls III website and Pre-order to secure your Day 1 Edition or Collector's Edition: http://bit.ly/1le3IFr

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  • Geert Matthys

    Yes indeed...it turned out a pile of shit as expected

  • Am In

    Get your Dark Souls 3 copy at a very low price, check now for a discount up to 60% :https://goo.gl/tvpNxUThis deal is time limited, order your copy now !

  • antonio rico

    "yes, indeed"

  • 。Kirin Cate 。

    if this were a moviefcuk marvel.

  • Leon12 Gamer

    Dark Souls 3 is bettet than Dark Souls 2

  • Dark Angel

    You fucking nerds why dont you mention that the controls are shit in this game you fat nerd shits

  • Kerozinn

    nuts that you can see Gaels boss arena in this trailer...

  • Andrija Gajic

    At 3:13 i thought it said prepare to die

  • Moist Towelettes

    Not gonna lie, yhorm the giant was a massive dissapointment when i actually saw him in game. Looks like the size of an actual mountain here, but in game he's just some big dude.

  • Darksky1001able

    Is this the last Dark Souls?

  • Salem Galaxy

    I love how in the scene that show the Lords of Cinder, the song in the cinematic shift to resemble their themes

  • Zloxks Your Mexican papi

    Anyone in 2018-2020 come to see the old memories of souls again?

  • SentientPotato


  • FatFoetus

    And from that fucking day,I cant stop playing.

  • O. Franchaud


  • AssKickedXL

    I remember how hyped I was after watching this.. what an amazing game.

  • Darth Vader

    gotta love Yhorm the Giants scene

  • Solaire of Astora

    Now... We Praise the SUUUN! \[T]/

  • Sirspycrab

    imagine waking up in your grave and realizing that you sacrificed yourself for people who didnt even like you and it ended up not even mattering. Yhorm us such a tragic character

  • Han

    This is lotr type of shit

  • randomVector

    guys check Tappy Souls a casual dark souls game on mobilegoo.gl/J1sAUF

  • BlackEarth

    1:34 SOOOOOOOOO EPIC!!!!

  • T jjack

    It ALL gave me chills.

  • Kruce ZX

    Allthough the boss fight against yhorm was quite boring, I think he is one of the coolest and most badass bosses of the game

  • Sunray16hd

    The best game of the worldDie

  • Dimitris Amygdalas

    Anyone noticed that for each Lord of cinder they show, the music sounds exactly like the one we hear when we fight them?

  • Roberto Rivera

    Oh shit...don't tell me you have ring a bell in this one, too... D: <

  • Zoey Foxis

    Just got dark souls 3 truth in the words is get gud

  • Garry Laser Eyes

    I came into Dark Souls 3 a dark souls virgin I ended up beating ludex Gundyr first try not without using all three estus obviously so naturally i was like this isnt that hard but when I finally got to the abyss watchers I finally started to see what people meant then they threw the pontiff at me

  • AbramChristopher Mendoza

    Is the abyss watchers and prince lothric,soul of cinder the only one who has 2 lifes

  • The Howling Forge

    Too many good games out there and not enough time to play them lol.

  • plung3r

    three things dark souls need to change to be one the most successful games:1. Define a character ( No need to create your own character, facial features etc... ) I noticed that successful games have a defined character eg. GTA, Uncharted-Nathan Drake, The Last of Us-Joel , MGS-Solid snake, The witcher, etc...2. Reduce the difficulty, make it playable coz this insane hardness is impossible.3. I think that's it.. no number 3, just two things will make this game more engaging.

  • Yatharth Gerangal

    The giant guy really creeps me out

  • Dallis Marko

    at 0:19, is that the Drangleic castle?

  • リッチー Zeits

    Thank you for the excruciating challenge Fromsoftware. The discount was also a bonus. Yours truly, Soul of intrepid hero

  • They call me Orby

    yes indeed. it is called PVP where the transitory land of casuls converges. in venturing north the elitists learned the truth of the old words "Cauls spam weapon arts." when the Arena is threatened the bell tolls unearthing the lords of casuls from their empty dorrito bags and unwashed laundry. Dark magic spell stackers, saints of the one shot. FG weapon art spammers, the undead legion of repetitive stunlock. and the reclusive lord of the R1 spam, Straightsword users. only in truth, the lords will go to the forums and ask for viable builds to be nerfed and the good players will rise. Godly, skilled players too great to be beaten one on one. And so it is, that Casuls seeketh ganks.

  • Charly Robledo

    Who puts the crown on itself at the end?

  • arif 101

    No matter how many times I watch this,it still give me the shivers.

  • Ray Zaffarese

    Played Bloodborne, and then came to this. The first couple bosses are stupid easy. Ludex, Vordt, Greatwood, Crystal Sage, Deacons.... All ridiculously easy. When I got to the abyss Watchers, I was hoping they would be a challenge. I beat them 4th try... Then when I got to pontiff, I heard he was really really hard. It took me 8 tries. Then Aldrich. Kinda hard, 9 tries. Then I got to the dancer. Beat her 3rd try. Won't even mention wyvern, Yhorm, and the other really easy bosses. Basically, what I'm trying to say, is that these bosses are stupid easy up till Champion Gundyr. These are the only hard bosses, not counting DLCChampion GundyrNameless KingTwin PrincesSoul of CindersThe first 25-30 hours of the game, in my opinion aren't very difficult. (That's me coming from Bloodborne though.) Then, the tough part, was the DLC. I struggled mightily on Nameless, don't get me wrong, but Sister Friede, Gael, and Midir.... Oh Midir..... That's the hard part. Best boss tieGaelFriedehardest BossMidirWorst bossNameless King

  • OMG//Adheepb

    this game was released at my birthday :D

  • the last knight prime

    this game it’s a masterpiece

  • Satan Jr

    When I first saw Yhorm in the announcement trailer the first thing I thought was "holy shit that's going to be one hell of a fight"

  • Magic Medic

    I love how every Lord has an own theme within the song. Aldrich's theme is creepy and menacing, the Abyss Watchers theme is heroic and Yhorm's massive and frightening.

  • Cryalone

    This still gives me mini orgasm :3

  • Winnie the Rapist

    Dark Souls one was recently announced for PS4 and XO.

  • Ray Zaffarese

    Played Bloodborne. Fell in love, obviously. Immediately went to buy dark souls. Bought it. It sucks on Xbox 1, too laggy, and the controls are lame. With a heavy heart returned it. Bought dark souls 2. My brother started playing it. So I got dark souls 3.Beat it, 420 hours. This series has been my gaming life the last 12 months.

  • KHfan0011

    So funny reading all the Yhorm and Abyss Watcher comments and nothing about Aldrich despite him being the hardest of the 3 if not, 2nd hardest XD

  • Zeronix The Gamer

    Yes, indeed. It is called Varus. Where the transitory lands of the Shadow Titans converge. In venturing north, the explorers discovers the truth of the old words: "The Darkness Rises and the two goddesses pit against each other." When the light of hope is threatened, the bell tolls, awakening the Shadow Titans from their slumber. Vladimir, saint of the night. Tyra's monster legion, the Nightmare Keepers. And the reclusive Daughter of the Moon Goddess, REI the Champion. Only in truth, the Titans will abandon their ways, and the Darkness will rise. Nameless accursed people, unfit even to be Warriors and so it is that Hope seeketh Light.

  • my name jeff

    Good thing it didn't say April 1

  • Pendragonthegreat

    Ash seeketh Ember ...One of the most amazing lines ever

  • Winnie the Rapist

    When I saw Yhorm in this trailer for the first time, I thinked to myself "how am I suppose to kill that!?". But in reality, he is one of the easiest bosses in the series 😂

  • AlexR25

    Hardest game I ever play long time and I can't even finish it

  • Taco Hollic

    This game is just like dark souls

  • Rockie VanTassel

    I feel like they tried to recapture thr magic of the first game cinematic but it just isnt the same not gonna lie tho yorm's entrance was badass

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