The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - PS4/XB1/PC - A night to remember (English trailer)

Feast your eyes on a gripping portrayal what The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is all about and step into the shoes of professional monster hunter Geralt of Rivia in this gorgeous launch cinematic.

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  • Indigo 47

    Still the best trailer of all time. Please CDPR make another Witcher game.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    1:37 any guesses what his blood's PH or Temperature is ?

  • Aardappelsaus

    soo where is that song from

  • GeneralEric123

    But... Orianna is a higher vampire according to Regis. How come she fights like bruxae?

  • Miguel Ángel

    lol Geralt you just needed to use Yrden + Aard.


    God i hope there's a witcher 4 game coming soon

  • jan kowalski

    What's the name of the tune starting at 02:04?? Anybody?? :)

  • RSguideX

    I'm coming back for you.

  • rikzz0r

    Thought Orianna was a Higher Vampire, not a Bruxa.

  • Carlos Torres

    So this is oldHozier fighting kaitling jenner... seems a pretty intense fight... I mike the fighting song tho

  • Marc Gaston-Johnston

    Played through this game 4 times and I still keep finding new things. Hands down the best game ever made.

  • SatiX

    Wait wait, I really love this trailer but if its happened in Toussant then ehy everything is like dead and the big castle is reminds me of Beaculiar but there's an ocean where Geralt is riding, so I just dont understand...

  • ef mons

    still watching in 2017

  • Banjo Potato

    Wtf Witcher 3 was a Bandai game

  • Tristan Magni

    As good as The Witcher games are, none of them even on hardest difficulty have made me feel like the battle was quite that hard on Geralt. I guess they have to empower the player, but it never feels like Geralt is in mortal danger. Here if not for the black blood Oriana would have ripped him to shreds.Oh! The two notable exceptions being Master Mirror and the Unseen Elder. Dettlaff was threatening until he went full Castlevania final boss on me then it felt silly.

  • krawchicken

    >in toussaint>still wearing kaer morhen armor

  • Colin Pfeffer

    my favorite game trailer. EVER. I can only hope the netflix witcher series is a 1/4 good as this

  • black-snorro

    As she scatters from the cabin with an arm missing, her arm is smoking from the black blood.... WOW!

  • Esploratore

    this is pretty much the trailer for DLC love this game so much. I remember first running into her. she tore my little lvl 37 ass up. lol

  • Dyno King

    Still, to this day, I can't get over how good of a cinematic this trailer is. I get chills everytime I watch it. Almost like I've watched a full movie in 4 minutes time

  • Alvaro luis Hernandez moncada

    so hopefully PS5 Graphics?...

  • Chief

    It has been 2 freaking years and I'm still watching trailers, listen to the soundtrack, remembering my adventures in amazing world of the Witcher. It's like i had a second life which i still remember and miss it. Masterpiece!

  • Colin Pfeffer

    i love these comments. Thinking about it (others will see it too) this reminds me alot of I Am Legend (the story, not the Will Smith vehicle), not just the vampire part. but the vampire has human qualities, she is not bloodthirsty. but the witcher got paid, so he needs her head on a pike. who are the real monsters? certainly ghouls, specters, and other beasties.but vampires are intelligent, and they never wanted to stay in this world, the conjunction brought them here. so, are witchers monsters? or are these displaced races the monsters?

  • Ondřej Chlubna

    When you realease this is the last witcher moment in this world

  • TirthB'Arya

    For some reason I felt sad the first time I saw this.

  • Poca Haunt Us

    I kept thinking they used Jason Clarke as a base for Geralt's face in this trailer. Especially when he drinks the potion, looks like him alot.

  • Cole Birkoben

    The genius in this trailer

  • amandaggogo

    Holy shit! I've never seen a trailer for this game, I wish I had and I've of bought it at launch.This is bad-ass! And those graphics are just beautiful.

  • Jefstito

    This game is insane. I finally got around to play it and now this cinematic makes so much more sense. Geralt use every single thing that's strong against this kind of monster (Black blood, Aard Sign and Moonstar dust bomb), that's the witcher way and how you are supposed to fight this creature when you encounter it in-game

  • mrbananaboy55

    Don't watch this trailer if u do not want to spoil the blood and wine dlc's main story

  • CdrRogue

    I like to think the crows following Geralt on the way back are Regis keeping an eye on his friend.

  • Bartolo

    Sorry Orianna, but i've got a job to do.

  • Phye

    How do you like that silver?

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