Matt Chat 270: Anachronox

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  • rmrmr

    jesus christ you've done an assload of mattchats

  • thebes56

    Not Pong, more like Arkanoid.

  • risingsonseven

    Looks like a precursor to mass effect, in a way.

  • juzzam3

    I heard a story that one of the lead designers made their team play Chrono Trigger before they started making this game.

  • The Mini game of pong is not a waste of time at allThe mini game of PaddleWar(Pong) in commander keen the armagendon machine i played recently was awesome, and just what i needed when i was getting beat down baddly in the 2nd level,It was just the quick break i needed before going back to the game and trying again 1 more time before bedI'm commenting to let you know i've made it to this point, 43:34 lolAnd i've every intention of continuing to watch lolAnd I fully agree that there should be a Anachronox 2 and just to throw it out there remastered version of Daikatana  accurately remade as it should be and properly finished which it never had the chance to be,And only for the sake of a example what I mean by remastered version done to todays standards In the same style like doom reborn but miles better than doom reborn because it'll be done by professionals and by the original people,

  • BloodyHypocrite

    43:43 Nothing better to do, Matt. Enjoying it though.

  • CatLord

    Again, fantastic!  Many, many great lines in this game.  You didn't get to them, but the few I remember off the top of my head are, "Congratulations, Boots.  Your robot is self-aware.  You're a daddy now." -- Dr. Rho Bowman.  (this has been my email signature since this game was released :) )"I'm shall kill you.  With death!" -- Rictus"Rowedihalicon Terenisquarenthicalicus" (I'm going on 10+ year old memory here, give me a break if I misspelled his name)." - Sly Boots, "Holy shit.  Lock the door.  You know how long I've waited for the man unlucky enough to know that name?" -- R.T. (won't spoil who this guy actually is, y'know... just 'cause :) )Finally, "Right.  Let's get some breakfast."Getting a real genuine Anachronox 2 has always been on my "what to do if I win the lottery" list immediately after paying off debts.Love your work, Matt.  

  • ElCriticoCitrico77

    Whackmaster Jack use a uniform like in Star Trek with medals from Stra War.

  • Jorge Sanders

    One of my favourite games of all times!!!

  • the nforcer

    I miss this game big time. About due for another playthrough...

  • CaseofGlass

    I can't thank you enough for playing one of my favorite games of all time. Despite all its flaws, the game is a masterpiece. All characters are quirky and lovable, game is definitely very funny, but at the same time it is deeply tragic as well. There are some scenes later in the game that are very touching...I won't spoil anything. Call me crazy, but I think music is awesome as well. I love it, especially some quieter tunes like one that is played in slums of Hephaestus for example. I never knew that this game is overlooked. I knew of it from advertisement and review in PC Gamer and I already finished game two times, second time just recently. 

  • Siana Gearz

    The guy who draws a crappy picture is actually a long and elaborate joke and a piece of grand cultural satire, not necessarily an inside joke. Every time something happens in the game, you come back to him, more dialogue will open up, and eventually it should become obvious where they're going with this.

  • Ometecuhtli

    I can only think of two great games that must have a sequel: Anachronox, and Beyond good & evil. I know I should add Half-life but in that case the only ones responsible for it not being released are Valve themselves. Other games like system shock are well contained, and just about everyone who has heard of it knows what the next installment is gonna be about. Those two former games I mentioned have a heart and let you have a good glimpse at the mind of its creators, like very few can.

  • mick maus

    "if you've made it to this point" sure!

  • Darkvine

    That hectic airport scene was very recognizable, although I never played the game :D

  • RetroRoadshow

    If only I would have known... I snagged this from GOG a few weeks ago during a sale, but I would have much preferred supporting a channel in the process.  Next time I suppose.

  • runnerelf

    I'd guess Zong was scripted with APE by Tom or some other story-related artist. The scripting language seems pretty advanced according to Wikipedia. So making that minigame probably didn't take time away from actual coders and bug-hunt... Awesome addition nonetheless.Very inspiring design overall in this game. Those late 90's 3D over-the-top camera movements make me abit nauseous though :)

  • feldhamer

    I do have better things to do - the fact that I invest over an hour to watch this is a sign of quality. :)

  • Sal Ad

    I love this game so much, I can actually call it my favourite game of all time. The characters, the little details, city's, planets. I want another game like this. Tom hall, please make a sequel... Please!!!!

  • Roland S

    Thanks Matt, I think I'll give this a try. Now YOU have to try Omikron: The Nomad Soul. Not an RPG but still . . . it features David Bowie. Say, maybe you could interview . . . . .

  • Zontar82

    very underrated game

  • Grim Theologian

    Similar feel to Omicron: the Nomad Soul.

  • rootbeer666

    FYI there's an unofficial patch to accommodate widescreen resolutions. It works well because it does not try to stretch the menus, those stay at original 4:3. I saw no glitches or artifacts caused by the wider field of vision, and really, there shouldn't be because there isn't a screen resolution or aspect ratio/field of vision limitation in the engine. Yes, it can be played in 4K!!!

  • Tarhiel

    Audio was desynchronized last few minutes. Really nice nostalgia look at a game, which I finished just last year :) It´s nice to see all those parts you liked."Wanna see my batteries?" :DBut I disagree on the general notion that game ends on a cliffhanger: heroes doesn´t have to die for you to know this is the end (right, Bruce Wayne?). By the end, they were completely different people than the ones you started with and all the storylines were properly closed, symbolized by "walking away" from their old way of lives and finding something new. 

  • thebes56

    Got it from GOG on sale for a buck fifty. Have not played yet. Looks like I got a good deal :)

  • unacomn

    I love this game. The combat is kinda nice, repetitive, but OK, but the story, the characters and the mood are superb! The architecture was inception before it was cool. The dialogue, the humour were amazing. The tragedy is face punching.The thing that got me hooked on Anachronox was the demo. It had a kickass demo that started with Fatima telling you you're about to play the demo, gave you a bit of background information about what's happening (nothing specific), and then sent you to one of the best spots in the whole game, Whitendon. There you've got to do some detective work in a very atmospheric town, in a late winter evening, in order to track down a monster that's been taking people. The setup was superb. After that it got into the combat, with the Mysterium Levant, it even let you fight the boss there. It also had an NPC there that let you shop, which yelled at you to tell the devs to put him into the full game, since he wasn't there. A lot of NPCs mentioned that this was the demo version I was playing. I'll never forget the line:"It's so cold, my snot's frozen. The joke's funnier in the full version."Also, regarding the drawing, he gets better at drawing things over time. At the end, you sort of realize what he was drawing all along, and you've got a "Oooooo snaaaap!" moment.Spoiler below(He is drawing the future.)As for the bugs, I think modern systems tend to mess with the game. I got very, very few on ye old Pentium 2 and Windows 98, with a SIS315 graphics card. Though some tunnels made the game run slowly, and the part where Pal robs the museum.I periodically remind Tom that he promised he would write a book sometime this decade in which the story is continued, because it ends with a cliffhanger that will gut punch you with a howitzer. Also, Mass Effect ripped Anachronox off big time.

  • pubesz

    You can find your very own Glo Rat in any Toyz-B-Us store. Just look for them on aisle 5 next to the Terry Pratchett PEZ dispensers. 

  • cerevor

    Merry Christmas, losers of the past. Mwahahaha.

  • Sanjuro86

    I never made it past the Mystech tunnels, but enjoyed the characters and dialogue but thought the level design was annoying. I went the wrong way frequently which just wore me down. I ended up watching the "Anachronox movie" here on youtube which I liked quite a bit. Some day I may try to play again since I've grown to appreciate the game.You should check out Dead State for your next video if you haven't yet. It's buggy as hell but fantastic. I'd also like to see an interview with Brian Mitsoda.

  • Gpalmer16

    That mini game 41:20 looks like something Bioshock borrowed.

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