Fallout 3 INTRO (FULL)

Intro to Fallout 3 with a tiny funny surprise at the end@@!#@!@#

oh and this was on my pc with fraps :D
  • Guilherme Almeida

    Say whatever you want about New Vegas being better than 3 and all that childish bullshit.You need to admit that this intro DOMINATES NV's

  • Osprey11

    Mr. Focalot!!!LolololololololoL

  • DEWM

    It sucks, too. Because when I'm "born" No one says a damn thing. I guess in the future everyone sits in the hospital room looking at each other like "Now what?".

  • Petrol Head

    Top 10 Anime Openings

  • TheMarkedOne

    Fallout 3 changed a generation, but no one knows of it's past, doesn't help with a weak intro that should have been another Ron Pearlman introduction.

  • Fat Man

    I liked the ending more. That shot in the vault room with that picture of you and your dad. And that music.

  • JUGO49

    Anyone else remember seeing super early concept art for fallout 3 in gameinformer article and being super excited? I know I was.

  • Green Zaku

    man, i love the theme song very much

  • Wiseacres

    I just love how similar they kept this to the fall out 1 intro.

  • Gwen Hale

    i remember being so exited for this game when i was 12, i had my mom preorder the special edition that came in a brotherhood of steel lunchbox with a bobblehead pip boy and a ton of art of early development of DC. this is still my favorite opening to a video game.

  • maximusdarkultima

    Your mother and I have been talking. What do you think about...Hitler

  • NewPaulActs17

    That moment when you realize the Narrator lied to you. In the face.

  • Xenozu

    Whats the name of the actor who narrated this cut scene

  • Shepard Ruiz

    So excited for FO4 our character cld possibly talk

  • Horenramon

    we are the gen that will enter the vaults in the fallout timeline

  • Oliver

    Fallout 3 is the best Fallout game, New Vegas is a close second

  • 5:37 player was triggered because there were only two genders

  • SpydreX Official

    This game made me feel like I was playing Borderlands but with a Skyrim twist to it;) Best game ever, can't wait to play Fallout 4 and New Vegas:p

  • Ace

    First time I heard Ron Pearlman in a game was in The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, he voiced Emil Blonsky.

  • Jim Sigs

    Sad to say I had to sacrifice this gem for a ps4. So I sold my PS3 and got enough for Fallout 4 also.

  • StreamerHouse

    Fantastic vids, good luck!

  • Master Grey

    it looks like half life s citadel in the beginning

  • Clay

    This gives me chills.

  • jim fragger

    So much weaker than FO1 and FO2's intro

  • Giacomo Pandiani

    i... my god i remember the first time i've launched the menu and the game.... my good too many feels.

  • Cristian misael Pichardo Ramírez

    War, war never changes... But the narrator does :´(

  • Legion of Anonymous

    I got fallout 3 for free on torrent

  • theworktechguy

    I love how dark and gritty fallout 3 is compared to wasted out fallout 4.

  • Vince with Slap Chop

    My favorite game ever!

  • Rory Snow

    Your mother and I have been talking, what do you think about xxx_MLGquickscoper69420_xxx

  • Flannel Lemur

    My brother bought this game thinking it was a different game, and this turned out to be one of our favorite games of all time, we didn’t even remember what that other game was...we didn’t care

  • HiiRiiZe

    Uganda knuckles sings but I played the game first

  • Agent Washington

    I should be ashamed to say this, but for the first 3 weeks after buying Fallout 3, I basically ignored it because It was unlike anything I'd seen up till then. When I finally did decide to try it again...I haven't stopped.

  • Sutra Kevin

    158 dislikers be like"Why the heck there is only two genders?!!"

  • SonnytheArcticFox

    This was one of those games I ignored back in 2008. I was 16....I tried it again, last month, because of Fallout 4. It. Rocks.

  • Stacy Marie

    Okay so our teacher showed us this and I looked this up this was scary we did a work sheet on this to lol it's was cool

  • Daniel Baruch

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R is better game then Fall Out 3.Too bad for me, I found it after I completed Fall Out 3. Who liked Fall Out 3 should play STALKER too.

  • Egor Egorov

    5:36 gender identity crisis :D

  • Hunter Allyn

    I come back to this video all the time, but it always pisses me off that the guy didn't fix the video from 3:43 to 4:17. I mean that is such a glaring problem on the video, seriously, why the FUCK didn't he fix it?

  • Sniper Melon

    I wonder if you can find that bus from the opening in-game

  • smh

    the memories man, i cant even get through fallout 3 these days but i wish i could go back to the first time i played it, shit was so captivating

  • Calamity

    It kinda reminds me of Wall-E.

  • Josh Likes To Play

    Your mother and I have been talking, what do you think about xxMLG_Legit_360_No_Scope_Sniper_#46xx

  • Dread

    Fallout 3 and Skyrim are the Greatest rpgs of All Time... Best Intro to a Game EVER #Fallout 3

  • John Pewzey

    You skipped like half of the actual video

  • Rice Cakes

    When the camera zooms out to show the wasteland and the BOS soldier, that music gave me chills, anyone else?

  • Señor Bobby

    Maybe people back then of present day were horrible at predicting the future for music, cars, and whatever else, but one problem, people of the 21st century created this game

  • Silverfox 098

    If they do a remake of this for the fallout 4 intro I'll scream

  • Salemchevy Gaming

    And still. War never changes

  • KASASpace

    Humans. They're like Roaches. You can never kill them all...Welcome to the Wasteland.

  • DGSOBY 486

    Damn, this still gives me chills every time. Amazing opening to an amazing game

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